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Carrier Benefits

Although many companies are in the O&D industry, QSI provides our clients with many valued benefits.

  • Detailed computerized manifesting and inventory control
  • Ability to check and verify any item within our system with ease
  • Tracking of all sales, buyers, on-hand items, dates received, dates sold, etc
  • 4B sales with all advertising included
  • Fast turnaround ­ no prolonged delays or backlogs
  • High returns on OS&D freight
  • Specialized buyers who recognize the value of selected merchandise
  • Industrial sales
  • Sales history tracking for 500+ buyers
  • Quick and prompt payment ­ no hassles
  • Lot management ­ large lots are custom divided into smaller quantities in order to secure greater returns
  • Carrier's name, bill of lading, pro-numbers, shipping labels and other forms of shipper & carrier identification are removed to maintain carrier integrity
  • Convenient triad location with access to several major interstates
  • Competitive fees
  • 100,000+ sq. ft facility with large parking area
  • State of the art, monitored, facility security system
  • Fully sprinkled fire protection
  • Additional warehousing space available at nominal additional fee
  • Electronic transfer capabilities of data
  • Efficient, friendly staff
  • Founders with over 30 years of involvement in the OS&D retailing and wholesaling industry
  • Focus on the needs of the client
  • Continuing research in market trends and methods
  • Excellent community relationships
  • Strong financial stability
  • Good standing in the industry
  • LPC (Loss Prevention Conference) Membership
  • TLP & SC (Transportation Loss Prevention & Security Council) Membership
  • High customer satisfaction
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