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Where does all this stuff come from, anyway?

Everyday, Motor carriers and warehouses process thousands and thousands of shipments going to stores and customers. Out of that, they will loose or damage some. We are the clearing house for many of these shipments to sold. In many cases, the products have outer box or package damage and the customer refuses the shipment. Sometimes, the shipment arrives too late and is refused because it is no longer needed.

Does QSI charge premiums and fees to attend the live auction?

No. We have no membership fees or buyer premiums for items sold at our live auctions.

Can anyone attend the auctions?

Yes. Our auctions are open to the public, even though we have many resellers that attend as well. We have product groupings and lots to fit almost everyones needs--small or large.

What types of merchandise may I run across at the auction?

Anything that is lost, damaged, or mis-shipped. We handle goods for many types of warehouses and shipping companies, so it is not unusual to see everything from clothing, hardware, electronics, furniture, lumber, truck parts, household goods, rugs, tile, paint, and of course-kitchen sinks!

When are the Live Auctions held?

We hold live auctions every Tuesday and Thursday starting at 6PM. We are open from 9am until sale time each of these days, so feel free to come inspect the merchandise before the auction.

Can anyone sell products at the Live Auction?

No. We are in the business of selling lost and distressed freight for major carriers and large warehouse groups that have excess stock. We are not in the flea market or estate auction business. If you are a corporate account and would like to speak with us about excess goods, feel free to call.

Is there a list of what is being sold before the Auction?

Yes. Each Monday night and Tuesday night, the Live Auction catalogs are posted on line so you can look through what is coming up. They even have a search feature so you can query different items of interest. Look at the link "Current Auctions". We also post some pictures each week of items to look over…We can not post all of the items, so these just give you an idea of what is going on that week!

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